FiLIP is now a platform-as-a-service
(PaaS) for Family Wearables

Secured Family loT solution.

Working with us is not only about benefiting from our solid
technology & experience.

We also offer a full Complementary partnership  and that includes (…)

  •  Consulting
  •  Testing
  •  Compliance
  •  Marketing
  •  Integration
  •  Customization
  •  24/7 Support and Maintenance
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FiLIP Mobile App

For iOS and Android Users

The FiLIP app has been designed to work with any wearable communication & location devices.

With the FiLIP companion app, parents & caregivers can control their loved ones’ devices right from their smartphones. They can set up the devices, add contacts, manage SafeZones, send voice & text messages, monitor their location and call them.



Scalable For More Features

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    FiLIP can make and receive calls from up to 5 pre-set contacts.

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    Send one-way text messages to your child’s FiLIP.

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    Receive notifications when your child enters and leaves a SafeZone.

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    FiLIP calls, records, and communicates location to 5 contacts.

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    Track your child’s location using a blend of GPS, GSM & WiFi.

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    Set daily reminders to the device's user.

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Through the FiLIP app, parents & caregivers can stay connected with their loved ones’ throughout the day, night from their own mobile devices. Whether it’s it’s checking to see that they made it home safely or sending a voice message or a text to let them know you’re running a few minutes late. Remind them to do their homework or take their medications. The FiLIP app delivers the connection and peace of mind that every parents and caregivers craves.

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With the FiLIP app, the caregiver is always in control. From the initial set up, to the daily check-ins (…).

1. Control who your child can call and receive calls from.

2. Set up SafeZones to receive notifications when your child has left or entered certain locations.

3. Adjust the frequency of location monitoring any time.

4. Keep track of paired devices’ battery life.

5. Manage multiple devices on one app.

You can even control some remote functions like muting the ringer or turning it completely off.
Let’s not disturb the teachers at school.