FiLIP 2 can make and receive calls

With the FiLIP app, you get to choose the five phone numbers that your child's FiLIP 2 can call and receive calls from. Your child can scroll through those five trusted contacts and call the one they want with the touch of a button. It’s that simple.


Locate your child using a blend of GPS, GSM & WiFi

FiLIP 2 uses a unique blend of GPS, GSM, and WiFi to allow parents to locate their child using the most accurate location information, both indoors and out. Using the FiLIP app, you can see your child's location on a map at any time. For parents with multiple children, you can simply create a profile for each child in the FiLIP app. So if you play ‘hide and go seek’ with your kids, this is the competitive advantage that you’ve been waiting for! 

Press and hold the Red Button for three seconds to initiate an emergency call.


Keep your child safe at a moment's notice

In the event of an emergency, your child can press the red button on their FiLIP 2 for three seconds to initiate Emergency Mode which triggers:

1. A call to the primary account holder.  If there is no answer, FiLIP 2 will call each of the contacts until one of them successfully connects.

2. A recording of the call and background noises.

3. An immediate update of your child's location, with automatic updates every 60 seconds until the emergency is canceled.

Press and hold the Red Button for three seconds to initiate an emergency call.


Set multiple SafeZones for your child

SafeZones are a virtual radius around a location, such as home, school or a friend's house. You can set up to five SafeZones using the FiLIP app. When a SafeZone is set, a notification will be sent to the parent’s smartphone when FiLIP 2 detects that the child has entered or left a SafeZone*. 

 *Timing of notifications depends on user settings for location refresh.


Yes, it's a watch too!

FiLIP 2 is a watch and shows the time and the date. With a versatile time display, your child can have fun learning to tell time with both numbers and words.


Send one-way text messages

You can also send a short message to your child’s FiLIP when you want to quickly communicate without calling. This feature is one way from parent to child, there is plenty of time for texting when they are teenagers.


Wearable design with a new and improved wristband

The wearable design gives parents the extra peace of mind knowing their child won't easily lose their FiLIP 2. Plus, the newly redesigned wristband is built to fit optional size spacers that give children the choice of wearing their FiLIP 2 open or securely closed, and adjust the size as they grow.

New FiLIP Mobile App

For iPhone Users

The new FiLIP iOS app, redesigned to simplify the set-up process and make the overall app experience more intuitive, is now available in the Apple® App Store. Don’t worry, the FiLIP app hasn’t lost any of it's cool functionality. Parents can still control their child’s FiLIP right from their smartphone, set up contacts, manage SafeZones, send text messages, track their child’s location, and call their child from the app. We’ve simply made all of those features a lot easier to use.

The new FiLIP iOS app is compatible with both the original FiLIP and FiLIP 2. The release of the new Android app is coming soon.


Through the FiLIP app, parents can stay connected with their children throughout the day, right from their own mobile device. Whether it's checking to see that your child has made it home safely from school or sending a text to let your child know you're running a few minutes late, the FiLIP app delivers the connection and peace of mind that every parent craves.


With the FiLIP app, the parent is always in control. From the initial set-up to the daily check-ins, the FiLIP app provides several ways to customize the FiLIP experience for your family.

1. Control who your child can call and receive calls from
2. Set up SafeZones to receive notifications when your child has left or entered certain locations
3. Adjust the frequency of how often your child's location is refreshed on the map 
4. Monitor the battery life of your child's FiLIP
5. Manage multiple FiLIP devices and much more

You can even control some of the FiLIP functions remotely, like muting the ringer while your child is at school or turning it off completely.

FiLIP Mobile App

For Android Users

We are also working on similar updates to the design and interface of the FiLIP Android app, making it more intuitive and even easier to use. Until a release date is set for a new Android app, Android users will continue to have all of the same functionality that is available in the new iOS app, using the interface of the original FiLIP Android app. Android users will also be able to sync the original FiLIP Android app to the new FiLIP 2 once it becomes available. 



Once you have purchased your FiLIP watch, download the FiLIP app, which is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.  


Follow the simple steps in the app to create a FiLIP account


Stay connected to your kids on any adventure. One touch to call your child. One touch for them to call you. One touch to locate. It’s that simple.